The OPP Advantage

When considering to outsource your payroll needs, we encourage all potential clients to shop around and interview our competitors. While researching the payroll market, you will find there are many ways Ohio Payroll Plus distinguishes itself from the competition. Listed below are some of the top reasons we're able to maintain an almost perfect client retention rate.

We're Cleveland-based, family owned and family operated.

Why rely on faceless out of town corporations to focus on the needs of your small to mid-sized business? Turn to local professionals who learn the ins-and-outs of your business while establishing a long lasting relationship. We're small business owners just like you and we appreciate the sacrifices you make to make your business a success. You're not just another number in our system, you're a valued customer that we stand behind.

Customer Service like you've never seen before.

Ohio Payroll Plus was founded with the philosophy of letting customers deal directly with the bosses. You will never have to dial an 800 number and speak with a call-center rep that doesn't know your business. Because all our employees are cross trained, there is never a mis-communication between what's promised and what's delivered. Also, there aren't many payroll providers that give out the cell phone numbers of the President and Vice President so they can be reached at anytime if a problem were to arise.

The Lowest Price for the Highest Service.

Our pricing philosophy is simple, "The price your quoted is the price you pay." You'd be amazed by the number of hidden fees that the national providers charge. Ohio Payroll Plus offers an all encompassing payroll package with all the following services: