Payroll Processing

The foundation of our business. We collect your payroll information and make sure deductions are computed, appropriate taxes are withheld and your staff receives accurate checks on payday. Professional touches like laser check signing, pressure-sealed security envelopes and Direct Deposit are included free of charge

Tax Filing Services

Remember the days of mailing tax payments with coupons or going to the bank and waiting on line to submit a tax payment? Well those days are over. With our electronic tax filing service, instant confirmations relieve the stress of paying your taxes and worrying about penalties. We make sure all filings are done correctly -Penalty Free! Our tax service protects you from liability by ensuring payroll taxes are deposited and returns are filed accurately and on time. Each quarter, we’ll file your 941 and Unemployment Tax forms. At year-end, we’ll file forms 940, 943 and 944. As a courtesy to our active customers, we provide W-2 and 1099 processing free of charge. Our platform supports your payroll and tax filing needs in all 50 states.

Ohio Payroll Portals

At our firm, we believe the most important goal of our website, is to serve our clients to the best of our ability. One way we accomplish that is by offering this unique service to you. Payroll Portals are an online secure means for you to communicate with us, and for us to transact business. Payroll Portals allow you to work and access information when it is convenient for you. We've put together a short demonstration of what this service can do for you.

Click here to view a demo of Ohio Payroll Portals

Garnishment Pay Systems

Save time calculating complex child support and tax levy minimums and maximums. We can calculate your employees' net disposable income for you and make the payments on your behalf.


For businesses with significant check counts, entering and clearing each transaction is a hassle and waste of time. Our Fraud/Recon solution debits your account for the lump sum of your payroll checks, eliminating recon hassles. And because they're drawn on our corporate account, your business is protected from fraud that occasionally occurs when MICR check information falls into the wrong hands.

Payroll Debit Cards

For unbanked employees, payroll debit cards offer a convenient and cost saving alternative to expensive check cashing and payday loan options. For employers, they offer the ability to pursue the paperless efficiencies of 100% Direct Deposit participation, ensuring that time isn't wasted on paycheck distribution or cashing.