HR Support Center

24x7 online access to a wealth of HR laws, guidelines, processes and policies. Take advantage of job description and employee handbook templates. Look up relevant state and federal employment laws. And stay current with the ever-changing HR landscape with our newsletters and alert bulletins.

Employment Screening

Hiring the wrong employees can be expensive and disruptive. We provide employers with online access to dozens of different background checking options. No matter the job function or seniority level, we have packages perfectly suited to match your needs.

Time and Attendance Solutions

Your choice of 3 different options. WebClock, TimeClock, Biometric Fingerprint Readers. WebClock allows employees to clock in and out on a PC and feeds directly into our payroll application. TimeClock is a physical input device that feeds information into WebClock’s simple user interface and allows workers to clock in by swiping a badge-like card or entering a PIN number. Biometric Fingerprint Readers are a sleek add-on that plugs directly into our TimeClock and eliminates “buddy punching”.

Unemployment Claims Management

Our unemployment specialists will review, research and respond to your unemployment claims and offer ‘best practice’ advice on preventing future claims.

New Hire Reporting

Federal and State law requires employers to report newly hired and re-hired employees. We’ll take the burden off your shoulders.

Workers Compensation

“Pay As You Go” Workers Comp calculates insurance premiums every time you run a payroll eliminating large one time payments.